Who, What & Why?

This is our first Make it Move blog post, so by way of a brief introduction.

We are a creative motion studio based in Norwich, UK, we educate, innovate and entertain through motion and design. We hope you enjoy these updates and subscribe to them. As this is our first post an introduction is probably in order. So it seems fitting to introduce myself, Stephen, the director and founder of Make it Move.

So why did i start it?

I founded Make it Move in June 2016, just 3 days ago was our 7 month birthday, so we are a very young company.
The five years before founding Make it Move I had been freelancing as a motion designer in Norwich. Which is my home town. Here I graduated from NUA in 2010 with a degree in Animation. I went on to work at a digital design agency called Bloc Media, which also had offices in Norwich & London.

When Bloc Norwich closed in 2011 I fell into freelancing, whilst looking for further opportunities. However what started as a necessity for earning some money turned into a passion for moving image and story telling. Freelancing gave me the opportunity to create content around topics I’m interested in and to work on independent projects. I have a strong interest in current affairs, education and sustainability. So I began building a network of clients who shared my interests and goals.

The goal of Make it Move is to collaborate with clients that believe in educating and entertaining through creative storytelling, motion and design.

Who’s on board?

As of now it’s myself working full-time building a very talented team of creatives that can be called upon to work on projects. Animators, illustrators, creatives and sound designers based all across the UK and the rest of the world. As we’re not a year old yet we feel this is a great way to push forward but we are excited to grow in 2017.

What’s to come?

We have just moved into our first studio space in the centre of Norwich. We have some exciting projects coming up in 2017 and some to show from the end of 2016. This blog will be used as a production blog for work we want to show. Whilst also giving you studio updates and news, profiles of creatives we work with and discussion relating to the running of a motion design studio.

For more frequent updates please follow our social media pages.

I hope you enjoy the blog, we look forward to sharing what we’re up to!


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